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Whether a scheduled appointment or an emergency in the field, our goal is to provide quality veterinary services 24/7 for your horse and personal attention to the horse owner. If additional veterinary treatment or observation is needed, our Texas clinic on Dr. Hayes home property provides for 24 hour veterinary care by Dr. Hayes.

  • Wellness Programs
    From foals to geriatric horses, we customize a health program for your horse including vaccinations, worming, nutritional counseling and dentistry.
  • Dentistry
    The vets at Hayes Equine have experience and power tools to float your horse’s teeth well, whether it's a youngster being broken, a performance horse, or an old horse with dental problems.
  • Digital X ray Machine
    We have a new, state of the art, portable,  instant digital x-ray machine. We also have portable xray machines in each truck for radiographs in the field or in the clinic.
  • Lameness Exams
    Whether a brief or extensive exam where the horse is dropped off for diagnostic nerve blocks and radiographs to locate the lameness, we communicate with the client while working up the lameness diagnosis and treatment.
  • PrePurchase Exams
    We customize the exam to fit the buyer’s needs, requests, and budget.
  • Reproduction
    With our ultrasound machines we evaluate the heat cycle for breeding natural or AI with cooled or frozen semen. We do
    pregnancy diagnosis at 16 days.
  • Mobile Veterinary Service
    We make house calls for routine appointments, problems
    with a sick or cut horse, and emergencies.
  • Full Care Hospital
    24/7 equine veterinary care with Dr. Hayes on site at the Texas clinic.
  • Intensive Care
    We have IV fluid stalls at the TX clinic for the intensive care of sick horses, colics, and foals with Dr. Hayes on site to provide care.
  • In House Lab
    With our on site lab in TX, we have 24 hour availability for blood tests, uterine cultures, and fecals.
  • Coggins Test Lab
    Texoma Equine Lab is our Coggins test lab at the Texas clinic. Our lab does Coggins tests on Thursdays and can do emergency Coggins test for an additional fee.
  • Ultrasound
    We have a new ultrasound machine where we can do chest evaluations for pneumonia and tendons in addition to repro sonograms.
  • Fiber Optic Scopes
    to diagnose throat and respiratory


Katie Hayes DVM
Dr. Meghan McCarville

6544 FM 1753
Denison, TX 75021
Mon - Fri: 8-5, Sat: 8-12


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