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When it comes to your family of four legged friends, you expect the very best treatment available and that requires the best facilities and the best staff to support them.

Wellness Programs

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From foals to geriatric horses, we customize a health program for your horse including vaccinations, deworming, nutritional counseling and dentistry.

Mobile Services

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We make house calls for all issues with your horse from routine appointments to problems and emergencies.

Emergency Services

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Our veterinarians are available 24/7 to assist your horse with whatever problem that arises, even if it’s not during normal business hours.

Full Care Hospital

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24/7 equine veterinary care with an on-site doctor. We have IV fluid stalls at the clinic for the intensive care of sick horses, colics, and foals. Camera systems allow our doctors to keep an eye on your horse at all times.


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The veterinarians at Hayes Equine have the experience and the tools to take care of your horse’s dental needs, whether it be routine floating or extractions.

In-House Lab

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With our on-site lab, we have 24-hour availability for blood tests, Coggins, uterine cultures, and fecals.

Digital X-Ray Machine

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Our Universal portable digital x-ray machine takes radiographs in the field or in the clinic for instant viewing.

Coggins Test Lab

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Texoma Equine Lab is our on-site Coggins test lab. Blood can be pulled at any time, and our tech runs the tests twice weekly. We also offer a STAT Coggins for the last-minute traveller.


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Hayes Equine offers digital ultrasounds with our Universal UMC-900 unit to evaluate chests for pneumonia, abdomens for colic, and tendons for injury.

Lameness Exams

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From simple abscesses to extensive exams for performance issues, we communicate with the client while working up the lameness through diagnosis and treatment using digital x-ray and ultrasound. We will also work with your farrier for podiatry related issues.

Pre-Purchase Exams

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We customize the exam to fit the buyer’s needs, requests, and budget to give the potential owner a glimpse of what to expect when buying a horse.

Fiber Optic Scopes

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Our 1 meter ESS fiber optic scope allows for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of upper respiratory issues.

Reproductive Services

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With our ultrasound machines, we can take your mare beginning to end by timing her heat cycles with hormonal therapy to optimize pregnancy rates. We offer breeding services for use with cooled and frozen semen.

Sick Horse Exams

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Whatever is ailing your horse, our veterinarians will use their knowledge of internal medicine to try and find the issue and come up with a treatment plan.

Additional Services

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We offer a large variety of services, too many to list on our site, but if you have a question about anything that your horse needs, feel free to give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch!

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